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Interfaith Humanitarian Services made its first mission visit to Haiti on January 2001. The purpose of this first mission was to assess the long term need of the area of Au-Cayes.
Food and Clothing was distributed to alleviate the immediate needs of the people. Food items included: rice, beans, cornmeal, pasta, flour, oil, peanut butter and other non-perishable foods. Clothing items included: men, women, and children apparel, shoes, backpacks, pocketbooks, and necessities including toiletries and toys.

Malnutrition often stems from a lack of knowledge, not a lack of food.  Thus, nutrition education – teaching people the best foods to use from readily available sources – is a major focus of Our nutrition program.  Our programs are designed to address lasting solutions to reduce malnutrition and improve children's lives.  By educating parents and communities on the importance of good nutrition and exploring ways to increase food availability, we ensure that children not only survive but lead healthy lives.

Building food security among families and communities is a key factor in proper nutrition and children's health. Our food security program targets populations with malnourished children and those at risk of being malnourished.  These programs closely fit into the traditional food security components of availability, access and utilization. Interfaith focuses on improving agriculture, providing income-generation activities, encouraging natural resources management and creation of related infrastructure.

Over 2,000 individuals were served.

Hope Academy (Academie de l’Espoir)

We strive for educational excellence through a balance of academic, character development, physical education, fine arts, foreign language, organizational skills, and technology as well as other electives that provide a well-rounded program of study. Our curriculum is integrated with the latest technologies. Through partnerships and donations, we are working to provide technology resources to students that they may become proficient in keyboarding, word documents, PowerPoint, web searches, and other multi-media technologies that promotes critical upper-level thinking skills that provide for problem solving in both academic and real world situations. Through our nurturing well-qualified staff, our students are educated at their instructional level.

Children bring a passion for learning to school. The Hope Academy’s challenging
academic program, a motivated peer group, and the thoughtful support of their
teachers inspire them to push their thinking further. At Hope students are immersed in
a strong, integrated curriculum. We teach them to expect connections within their
learning and to freely cross the boundaries between disciplines.

International Relief

Our work is particularly focused on meeting the needs of children who have been made vulnerable because of the disease, especially those who have lost parents to AIDS. HIV/AIDS awareness is also a significant part of Interfaith along with TB and other life-threatening diseases. Our program includes a comprehensive area of development, which provides long-term aid to communities in pursuit of self-sufficiency.

Our health professionals believe that a holistic approach to HIV prevention is most effective. Interfaith encourages abstinence before and faithfulness after, marriage to prevent sexual transmission. We also provide correct information for how to reduce the risk of HIV transmission if unhealthy behaviors are chosen along with a comprehensive program that also deals with poverty, warfare, lack of education and other problems.

To implement this strategy, we work through schools, churches and other community groups to provide values-based life-skills training, helping children and adults, to avoid behaviors that put them at risk of contracting HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.

Food and Clothing Distribution

Food is donated weekly in a manner which is safe and reliable way to channel food to hungry people that might otherwise go to waste.

All food donated to the organization is inspected, properly labeled for distribution and are distributed within 72 hours of receipt.

The food program was launched in January 2008, due to high demand from individuals that were not mobile. This program distributes nonperishable food and perishable food to several homes each week. The Mobile Pantry brings food to communities that have a high concentration of poverty but relatively low levels of food assistance. The program aims to serve working people by delivering food—when food assistance typically is not available.

Clothing and other household items are donated through Gifts in Kind International program from stores such as; Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross, Avenue, Gap, Bells Outlet, Office Depot and many more. Items are also donated through other local agencies who support through in-kind giving.

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A Word from the President

We seek to fulfill our mission to empower every individual that come into contact with Interfaith Humanitarian Services; our staff, our clients, our volunteers, our community. IHSINC was created for you. We could not exist without you. Ultimately, we’re here because God inspired a vision within my heart to extend a hand to lift others.

Thank you for visiting the site. Please visit often but I offer an invitation to do more; take part, join us. Together we can make impact in our world.

-Therese Gervais

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